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Tactile Paving Anti-Slip 

Tactile PavingAnti-Slip for the visually impaired
Tactiles are a range of paving plates that bear distinctive, raised surface profiles designed to be detectable by both sighted and visually impaired pedestrians. Tactile paving can be used to convey important information about the environment for example hazard warning, directional guidance, or the presence of an amenity.
Anti-Slip GRP Corduroy Tactiles, Blister Off-Street Tactiles, Blister On-Street Paving Tactiles.Made from tough, hard wearing, durable GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) with a gritted surface giving excellent slip resistancy that will last for years:
Anti-Slip Tactile Paving Corduroy Tactiles: Warns of hazards such as stairs or pedestrian crossings.
Blister On-street Tactiles: Evenly spaced rows parallel to the direction of travel, indicates movement in this direction is safe.
Blister Off-street Tactiles: Indicates the edge of a footway near a crossing.
Our 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee: Should any manufacturing defects occur within 10 years of purchase, we will replace free of charge.

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Corduroy tactile plate – 400mm Length x 400mm x Width, Blister on Street tactile plate – 400mm Length x 400mm x Width


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